CLIMATE CHANGE--The Urgency of High-Leverage Action


The impacts of climate change are accelerating even faster than previously projected. The dramatic increases in extreme heat and extreme weather, massive wildfires, corral reef die-offs, and a host of other phenomena clearly indicate that previous strategies based on emissions reduction are insufficient. To stop and ultimately reverse global warming, we must now find ways to recapture much of the carbon that has been released through burning fossil fuels and other processes.


The critical role of carbon sequestration

A host of global scientific assessments all point to the critical importance of accelerating the recapturing of carbon from the atmosphere. Recent studies indicate that the only viable path to maintaining climatic conditions capable of supporting the human populations will depend on gigaton levels (billions of tons) carbon being captured and sequestered annually.

Six Strategies to Sequester Carbon

Six options to sequester carbon are widely recognized as the most promising to achieve this vital objective. Of these, three have never been successfully achieved at scale (direct-air carbon capture; enhanced weathering; ocean fertilization).


1. Afforestation & Reforestation

Tree growth takes up CO2 from the atmosphere.


2. Bioenergy with Carbon Capture & Storage

Plants turn CO2 into biomass that fuel power plants. CO2 captured and stored underground.


3. Ocean Fertilization

Iron or other nutrients are applied to the ocean increasing CO2 absorption.


4. Biochar

Partially oxidized biomass is added to soils absorbing additional CO2.


6. Direct Air Capture

CO2 is removed from ambient air through chemical processes and stored or converted into products.


5. Enhanced Weathering

Crushed minerals are applied to soil for chemical CO2 absorption.


The Trollworks’ System

The Trollworks Bioenergy + Biochar system combines two of the three proven sequestration pathways—BECCS and biochar—to create one of the first integrated approaches utilizing both of these potentially high leverage solutions. The Trollworks system is designed to simultaneously displace the use of high emissions fossil fuels and produce a sequestered carbon byproduct that can be used to leverage additional carbon capture. A unique feature of the Trollworks bioenergy + biochar system is its focus on modularity, scalability, and a distributed approach to solution deployment. This enables facilities to be developed more rapidly, more closely aligned with local resource characteristics and volumes, and more accessible and beneficial to local economies.


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