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What is Bioenergy + Carbon Capture & Sequestration (BeCCS)?

Bioenergy typically refers to converting the energy captured by plants through photosynthesis and converting this into energy usable in human systems.  Most BECCS systems are intended to use biomass—vegetative material that is either grown for this purpose or is a waste byproduct of other agricultural operations e.g. crop wastes, construction wood waste etc—to generate energy.  This is typically done through burning the biomass and generating electricity with the steam generated by this combustion.

The premise of most BeCCS systems is the assertion that the carbon released from this burning process can be immediately captured and then pumped into some sort of huge long-term storage site to that it would not be released into the atmosphere.  The only spaces big enough to receive these huge volumes of greenhouse gases would have to be subterranean caverns.

The stretches of logic that this implies are obvious…

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